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IDs Not Printing:


 If IDs are not printing please try the following.  Press on the green icon and go to "Account."  


​Then choose "Set Printer" On the "Select Printer" drop-down menu please make sure you have the correct printer selected and press "Save". This should set the printer as your default for printing. Your plugin should be "Generic Zebra & Others". If you are not using a Zebra brand printer please contact us. 

​If you don't see options to set printer and instead see red text asking you to install plugin. Please have your School Tech administrator install it. Once installed you should see the printer options. 




​Once you have set your default printer go to the ID you would like to print. Make sure your printer option on the bottom matches your default printer set under your account settings. 







If your printer is still not responding try restarting your printer and your computer. When shutting down the printer wait about 15 seconds before turning it back on. 


Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes the browser cache will fill causing various programs or extensions to not functions properly.  To clear your browser cache please follow the following steps. Make sure you are using google chrome and that you have your browser open. 


2. A page will appear to "Clear Browsing Data"

3. Check mark the two items listed on the graphic below. 

3. Restart your browser. 

4. Log into your ID site and set your default printer Click on the green user buton and go to  "Account". Then select your printer under "Set Printer"

5. Retry Printing. 


If none of these methods work please contact us. 

How to create a new record?​

To create a new record start by filling in the empty fields. Once you have filled the empty fields select "capture photo". You may take a new photo using a webcam or you may use a photo stored in your computer. You may also print without using a photo. 

Once you have selected a photo "Crop" the image and click "save". You can now print the new ID. Be sure to  "CLEAR SCREEN" before starting a new record.




How to search a record.

To find a record use the search box on the top of your form. The best way to search is by using the Student ID number or Last Name. Once you have entered the ID number or Last Name click on "Search"

If you are unable to find your record the record, is either not created or it may have been modified. 

Optional way of searching a record:
You may also do a record search by clicking on the search button without typing anything. This will bring up the "Search Results" window. You may search by using any category available in your search window. If you would like to search using the "Teacher" Category type the teacher name under the "Teacher" Category and then click on "Apply Filters" You should see your result after you select "Apply Filters"












Printer Jam!

If you get a printer jam warning it may be that a card is stuck or that your ribbon has broken.

Start by opening the printer ribbon compartment. Check to see if you see a stuck card or if the ribbon is broken in half.

Broken ribbon can be fixed using scotch tape. Roll it a few times and re-insert into the printer. Try printing again. 

If a card is stuck and it is within reach to take out, please do so. If you are successful try printing again. 

In case the ribbon keeps breaking or cards jamming, please contact us.

6 record search.jpg
Annotation 2020-01-22 101759.jpg
ID Not Priting
Clear Browser Cache
Create New Record
Seach a Record
Printer Ja

Program not recognizing printer.

Chrome updates have created an issue with our program to connect to the ID printer. You will generaly see an error like the one below.

Unable to communicate with priter service
Printer Error.JPG

To fix this you will need to do the following: On your chrome address bar type chrome://flags

After you access chrome flags search for the following certifcate:  Allow Invalid Certificates for resources loaded from localhost.


Once you find the certificate ENABLE it. Once you enable it, restart the browser and try connecting the printer again. 

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